Cooper Union

122nd Eggnog Gala 
The Cooper Union joined the Chemists' Club in celebrating the 122nd Eggnog Gala on December 12, 2019. William A. Wulfsohn, chairman and CEO of Ashland Global Holdings was awarded the 2019 Winthrop-Sears Medal for entrepreneurial excellence in the chemical industry. Welcoming professionals, delicious shrimp cocktails, and the Chemists' Club's traditional eggnog filled the networking event in a welcoming holiday spirit. 


Panel on Mentorship & Building a Professional Persona
How do you become a mentee? What makes a good mentorship? Why do we need to care about Mentor-Mentee relationships? These questions and more were answered by active professional mentors, Michael Didonato (Philips 66), Stefanie Stewart (formerly Brenntag), and Jeff Kenton (Acme-Hardesty). 

Lessons to be learned ... 

"Mentorship occurs naturally. It's an organic thing, and you'll feel it when a potential mentor comes along."  
- Michael Didonato

"Know your worth, be patient, and believe in yourself."
- Stefanie Stewart

"It's important to learn about what you don't know and to think about what you want to know to make the most out of your mentor relationship."
- Jeff Kenton

The Cooper Union Chemists' Club Board!
  Delphine Troast, President (Top Left)

  Andrew Kim, Vice President (Top Right)
  Naomi Akiyama, Sophomore Representative (Bottom Left)
  Chris George, Sophomore Representative (Bottom Right)
  Sally Na, President (Right)

  Michael Lange, Co-Vice President (Center Left)
  Delphine Troast, Co-Vice President (Left)
  Andrew Kim, Sophomore Representative (Center Right)